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From Coast to Coast, The Fisherman's Knot Tying Tool
Impresses Serious Anglers:

North American Fisherman, June/ July 1993
Field Tested & Recommended To Members

"The Knot Tying Tool is a welcome addition to my tackle box. It's lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry on your vest. I used the tool to tie knots in 6-, 10- and 20- pound test line with ease, even in freezing temperatures. The tool comes with a book that shows you how to tie 10 popular fishing knots."
Alan Denniston
Ft. Richardson, Alaska

"I used the tool while fly fishing several local streams and found it helped me tie knots with efficiency and speed. The tool is very useful when tying knots in small diameter line such as such as 1- and 2- pound test. It reduces the frustration of tying flies on the tippet in very cold or windy conditions."
Gabriel Alvarado
Los Angeles, California

After practicing each style knot in the well-illustrated instruction manual, I was able to make all of them quickly and easily. I used the Knot Tying Tool on lines from 6- to 30- pound test without any problems. It is compact, works great in the wind and showed no signs of corrosion after testing it under saltwater conditions. I highly recommend this product to my fellow NAFC (North American Fishing Club) members."
Michael Gelfond
Chicago, Illinois

"Get the Right Line on Fishing"
Fishing the Four Corners, by Ron Philips
July 10, 1997

"All of the new fishing products and old favorites are not worth much if you lack one important item: the quality of the knot you use to tie your fishing bait. Many good fish have been lost to what was assumed was a broken line. In some cases this could be true, but in many cases it could have been due to a poorly tied knot or splice in your fishing line.

Top pros, guides and serious anglers can make mistakes in tying knots, done in haste or poor light. Novice anglers can tie weak knots without even knowing it. There are those who share my problem: poor eyesight. Every angler dreams of the once-in-a-lifetime trophy fish. Why trust this opportunity to a poorly tied knot?

John Rustowicz introduced me to a new product that can make knot tying foolproof any easy to do in a sure-fire way. Rustowicz introduced his "knot-tying tool" a few years ago and has improved it to perfection. It is a simple too; that makes all types of knots and splices easy to tie, even with gloves on. Rustowicz can even tie knots faster than pro anglers and without mistakes. I was amazed as I watched him do it at the ASA Expo trade show. This is one simple basic product that will help ensure the success of every fishing trip."

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