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Knot Tying Instructions


Fly Fishing Nail Knot

nail1.gif (4132 bytes) Step 1.
Place leader line in groove of tool extending line 6 inches past tip of tool.
nail2.gif (5088 bytes) Step 2.
Pinch line against tool with thumb and with middle finger holding tool against thumb.
nail3.gif (6847 bytes) Step 3.
Pull down on tag end of line and wrap around tool 5 to 7 wraps toward thumb.
nail3.gif (5272 bytes) Step 4.
Place index finger on wraps holding wraps in position.
nail5.gif (6040 bytes) Step 5.
Thread tag end of line into groove under wraps starting at thumb and proceeding toward tip of tool.
nail6.gif (4824 bytes) Step 6.
Remove slack, but do not pull off tool at this time.
nail7.gif (4605 bytes) Step 7.
Starting at tip of tool, thread fly line through wraps and under thumb.
nail8.gif (4553 bytes) Step 8.
Insert thumb and index finger on all wraps and pull wraps onto fly line by removing tool.
nail9.gif (4903 bytes)


Step 9.
Take tag end and pull tight holding wraps with thumb and index finger as shown.
nail10.gif (4201 bytes)


Step 10.
Take main line and pull tight holding wraps and index finger as shown.
nail11.gif (3729 bytes) Step 11.
Completed knot.
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