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Knot Tying Instructions


Snell Knot (Shank Tie)

snell01.gif (4368 bytes)


Step 1.
Thread line through eye of hook downward along shank extending 6 inches past hook.
snell02.gif (3284 bytes) Step 2.
Place hook and tag end of line into groove of tool with eye of hook toward center of tool. Tool must be held with thumb and middle finger. Pinch line and eye of hook under thumb.
snell03.gif (5891 bytes) Step 3.
Pull down on tag end of line and wrap around tool and shank of hook. Make 5 wraps toward thumb.
snell04.gif (5302 bytes) Step 4.
Place index finger against wraps to hold in position.
snell06.gif (5108 bytes) Step 5.
Thread tag end of line into groove under wraps starting at thumb and proceeding toward tip of tool.
snell06.gif (5108 bytes) Step 6.
Remove slack in line and pull wraps tight.
snell08.gif (5147 bytes)


Step 7.
Place thumb and index finger on all wraps. Release tag end. Remove line and hook from tool.
snell9.gif (5067 bytes) Step 8.
Pull knot tight by gently pulling on main line and tag end of line, keeping knot on shank of hook at all times.
snell10.gif (3428 bytes) Step 9.
Hook snelled as shown.

Next tie an End Loop Knot (see instruction manual) on the opposite end of line. The End Loop will allow you to change the harness much easier!

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